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Isekai Craft Gurashi: Jiyu Kimama na Seisan Shoku no Honobono Slow Life Average 4.5 / 5 out of 6
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Craft life In Another World ~The Heartwarming Slow Life of A Free-Spirited Production Worker~
Japanese Manga
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Synopsis 1:
One day, Miyabi, who likes to create idealized buildings as a “Crafter” in a VRMMO game, is transferred into the game world with his in-game skills intact. Miyabi decides to live the slow life of his dreams in this new world, and together with Liz, an adventurer, he strives to collect materials and build! With his out-of-the-box crafting skills, they are able to live a comfortable life even on their travels!

Synopsis 2:
Miyabi always had dreams of being an architect, creating buildings that would inspire awe in others. And in the VMMORPG Yume Sekai, he was finally able to achieve that dream – even if his constructions were used entirely to house marriage proposals.

One day, Miyabi received a message from the admins of the game—as his architecture was so good for couples, they are gifting him with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to a new world. Assuming they mean a private server, Miyabi accepts—and quickly gets transported to another world.

After confirming that he was spirited away, Miyabi discovers that all of his crafting skills from the game are intact here. No longer tethered to his job in the real world, Miyabi now has a real goal: to build his own house and family.