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Saiaku No Avalon / Evil Avalon / Finding Avalon : The Quest of a Chaosbringer / Wazawai Aku no Avalon
Japanese Manga
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Some chapter’s are dedicated to showing events through different perspectives.

Synopsis 1:
The main character loves the MMORPG game called Dan-Ex (Dun-EX/Dungeon Explorer). During one particular day, a beta test event was announced, and he managed to beat it.In exchange for clearing the event, he was granted permission to try the beta test server.Forcing to choose different avatar and skill as the system doesn’t allow his own, he eventually settled on random. However, he is transferred to a place where, as expected, he finds a fat, villainous mob character…!

Synopsis 2:
It was a short moment of happiness to find that I was transferred to world of a game that I had been playing for many years. I had been transferred to Sota Narumi, a villain character who is fat enough to be mistaken for a pig.

 Even though it is a game world where you can enjoy romance in a school full of beautiful men and women, he is called “Butao” and his school life is filled with contempt from his classmates. If I proceed according to the story as it is progresses, I will be abandoned by my fiancée and childhood friend, and in the end I will be forced to drop out.

I will never give up even in such a dire situation!


Admin’s note 1: Similar to premise where Main Lead Character due to mysterious circumstances is transferred to world that is based on a Novel or Video-game. ‘My Luck is Max Level’, ‘Solo Bug Player’,  ‘Novel’s Extra’, etc

Admin’s Note 2: Fight against Skeleton Noble which occurs from Chapter 20-24 is considerably better on Webnovel as author is able to express the tension and high intensity battle which was not translated properly in the Manga version. This fight also affects the sister perception of her brother significantly claiming ‘her brother was like a hero who took on a demon king’ in later chapters.