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Isekai Kokka Alchimaira: Saijaku no Ou to Musou no Gunzei / Different World Alchimaira: The Weakest King and Matchless Army
Japanese Manga
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Isekai Kokka Alchimaira: Saijaku No Ou To Musou No Gunzei

Synopsis 1:
The VR game “Tactics Chronicle” is a state-management game. One day, Helian, a player who has reached the top of the game and become the king of a land of demons, is suddenly transported to another world, his own country in the game. What he saw there was a character from the game acting with his own ego…! This is the story of a human king who leads a warrior fusion demon beast. A super royal fantasy war story that begins with an alternate world transfer!

Synopsis 2:
In the near future when VRMMO games become commonplace, the main character is suddenly transferred to a world similar to the game he was playing.

The game was of the genre “Nation Strategy Simulation Game”, and it was based on the concept of a human king leading a demon nation.

NPC demons who had suddenly gained an ego.

They had tremendous strength and paid no heed to the grave threat a whole different world posed.

However, on the other hand, the main character they followed was the “weakest king” who had no fighting power.

This is a story about the weakest hero who can’t even beat goblins, leading the demons as the dictator of military power in another world…

Admin’s note: Similar to
1. Overlord or Her Majesty’s Swarm except it seems it is not taking the evil/villain route.
2. Isekai Mokushiroku Mynoghra: Hametsu no Bunmei de Hajimeru Sekai Seifuku