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Cong Moshi Jueqi / The Warrior Ascends From The Rubble
Chinese Manhua, Action
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Synopsis 1:
10 years after the night of starfall, city S was destroyed by the biggest recorded monster outbreak in history. Zuo Fan, carrying the name of [A traitor’s son], as well as being the most useless starfall warrior reserve who ran away, awakened the Super Warrior System during a trap disguised as a raid. Since then, he has embarked on the road of success, rising like a meteor. All the while, searching for the truth of his father’s treason amidst the strong opposition, and gradually commencing on the thorny road of saving the world.

Synopsis 2:
Eight years ago, Francis’ warrior father was arrested for deserting his post when a huge monster tide swept through Sharnwich City. Francis is determined to clear his father’s name and save him from his death sentence, but that’s easier said than done when he’s a low-level warrior hated for being a traitor’s son. However, things take a surprising turn when he’s betrayed by his party and left to die in a monster lair. Thanks to the sudden activation of a mysterious warrior system, Francis’ lethal wounds are healed and his fighting skills are boosted. Not long after he escapes danger, he also learns that the truth behind what happened at Sharnwich City is hidden within a dangerous restricted area teeming with high-level monsters. It’s up to Francis to tango with fish lizards and level up so he can get to the bottom of the truth once and for all!

Note: Bonus chapters at 0.5, 83.5, 84.5, 85.5, 86.5

Admin note : Some themes are very similar to the Chinese Dongua(Anime) ‘Swallowed Star’ which also received its own manhua(not as good as the Dongua) though.