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The Unaware Atelier Master / Kanchigai no Atelier Meister: Eiyuu Party no Moto Zatsuyougakari ga, Jitsu wa Sentou Igai ga SSS Rank Datta to Iu Yoku Aru Hanashi
Japanese Manga
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English Title: Misunderstood Atelier Meister: A common story about a former miscellaneous worker in a hero’s party who actually had an SSS rank for things other than combat.

Synopsis 1:
Kuruto gets kicked out of the hero’s party for being useless. However, he discovers that he’s SSS rank in everything except for combat, like cooking, building, magic tool crafting, etc.

Synopsis 2:
One day, Kurt, a kind-hearted boy, is suddenly kicked out of the Hero’s Party for being “useless”. He finds that his aptitude for weapons, magic, and all other combat-related skills is the lowest rank, so he takes odd-jobs repairing the castle walls and digging for minerals to make a living, where his exceptional abilities are immediately revealed. He proves to be skillful in cooking, building, mining, crafting magical tools–in fact, his aptitude for every skill unrelated to combat had an SSS-ranking! Kurt, however, seems completely unaware to his talent and ends up saving people, the town, and even the country through his unaware actions!?

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