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Kouchuugun Shikan, Boukensha ni Naru / The Starship Officer Becomes An Adventurer
Japanese Manga
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Synopsis 1:
The spaceship which Imperial Galactic Navy Officer Alan Corinth helmed was shot down by a surprise attack during hyper-space navigation. Completely due to freak coincidence, Alan became the only one in the ship to survive. The severely damaged spaceship lost its navigation capabilities and plummeted onto a nearby planet.

Using an escape pod, Alan headed toward the planet alone. Thus began Alan’s quest for survival on the underdeveloped planet utilizing the symbiotic nanomachines [Nanom] within his body. Surprisingly, the planet was home to a thriving human civilization whose genetic code closely resembled Alan’s own. Even while remaining at a loss due to being thrown into a world of swords and magic, he tries to live as best he could together with his newfound comrades.

What would Alan achieve this strange world? The Sci-fi Fantasy story in a Medieval setting now begins!

Synopsis 2:
The distant future: In a universe where humanity’s mortal enemy is the alien race known as Bugs, an Imperial battleship suffers a mysterious and devastating attack that sends Captain Alan Corinth crash landing onto an unknown planet. Much to his surprise, rather than the technologically advanced humanity he knows, the humans he encounters there seem to live in a fantasy world filled with swords and magic!

Admin’s Note: If you like the initial premise of this Manga where a Space Faring Human crash lands on another planet populated by other humans except it is at medieval level of technology with Magic and Monsters then check out the video game: Star Ocean: The Divine Force