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Maou to Yuusha no Tatakai no Ura de / Reincarnated Into a Game as the Hero’s Friend: Running the Kingdom Behind the Scenes
Japanese Manga
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Synopsis 1:
A modern man is reincarnated into the world of a fantasy game he knows well: as Werner, the son of a powerful noble. The thing is, Werner isn’t the hero or even the villain–he’s a background character likely to die during a climactic siege! Werner seeks out and befriends the hero, but he doesn’t have powerful enough skills to be a hero himself. Unwilling to die as a later plot point, Werner uses his knowledge of the game and his power as a noble to aid the hero and defend against evil attacks. That’s when he realizes that when he does so, he saves other people who were doomed as he was, which changes the “plot” he thought was inevitable. As the hero’s close comrade who can see the future, perhaps Werner will be a savior to this place, after all!

Synopsis 2:
Verna reincarnated into a modern Japanese RPG game world as the son of an aristocrat— that is, reincarnated not as a main character but someone whose name is not even mentioned. On top of that, as his skill is boring and dull, he wasn’t a person who was fit to be part of the hero’s storyline. The only thread of hope is his friendship built between him and Hero Mazell, and his knowledge and wisdom passed down from his previous life… The start of a full-scale fantasy battle manga told by a mob and a legendary hero.

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